Life Coaching for Young Adults

Uncover your potential with Certified Coach Cynthia Coufal

My Mission

My mission in life is to unconditionally love and inspire young people to successfully navigate their journey on this Earth, to enable them to be seen and heard, and to teach them how to purposely show up for themselves.

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What We Can Work on Together:

Find out where emotions come from and creating new ones

How to handle unpleasant emotions

Find out who you want to be and BE that person

How to love yourself

Goal setting and sticking to them

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The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

-- Joseph Campbell


“I want you to know how appreciative she was of the hour she spent with you yesterday.  She mentioned, more than once, how good it felt to talk to you, and how the hour flew by, and how she could tell you were listening and weren't distracted.  She even woke up early this morning to work on the things you'd talked about.”

- Mother of Coaching Client