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Self-Awareness is the strongest predictor of Success

Cynthia Coufal, Young Adult Life Coach and CEO of Better Regulate Than Never, helps teens discover their unique strengths and passions so they can become super strong inside, and do amazing things they never thought of.

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Are you tired of a lack of motivation  controlling your life?

You want to live your best life.

You want to stop skipping class.

You want to accomplish tasks you decide on.

You want to have more free time.

You want to feel confident in yourself.

Lazy Morning

I want to help!

You are looking for motivation outside of yourself and you don't know where to find it.
I can show you how to create it within yourself and how to start today!

When you know how to deal with conflict, you will enjoy your parents and look forward to going home without anxiety.

When you stop avoiding your homework and errands, you no longer have to skip class or ghost people.

When you understand how to navigate transitions, you will enjoy the new experience of college, even if you don't know anyone or it seems so different from high school.

Reduced Conflict

Reduced Anxiety

Peaceful Transition

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I get it! I was you. That is why I am here to help!

When I was in college, I got so overwhelmed with everything. I would skip class or sleep all day to avoid what I needed to get done. I didn't know how to solve my stress and overwhelm, so I just let it decide for me. I spent a lot of time avoiding people, professors and class. I didn't want to own my responsibility in the mess I made. I just thought there was something wrong with me or that I was a bad student. I barely made it with C's. I was feeling shame most of the time because I wanted to do better, but I didn't know HOW and I didn't want to tell anyone I was struggling. 

You're worth it! You deserve to live a life with the motivation that YOU create!

Come and Explore

how creating motivation can change your life!

Here's How You Get Started:

Schedule a time to talk

Find a time on my calendar that we can talk. During this call, I can find out what your goals are and what obstacles we will plan for.

Work with me

You will learn how to get along with your parents, manage your stress and anxiety about school and plan for your future life.

Experience positive mental health

You will be so accomplished and proud of yourself when you get along with your parents, manage your school workload/life and have a solid plan for your future.

Here's How I Can Help:


Private VIP Coaching

Weekly 1 hour Zoom calls

Private WRitten or voice mail coaching

Access to me through text or voice messaging to ask questions and get support.

“I want you to know how appreciative she was of the hour she spent with you yesterday.  She mentioned, more than once, how good it felt to talk to you, and how the hour flew by, and how she could tell you were listening and weren't distracted.  She even woke up early this morning to work on the things you'd talked about.”

- Mother of Coaching Client

I recommend Mrs Coufal for coaching because she is nice and easy to talk to.  She seems interested in you and wants to help you.  She has helped me talk more and get over some of my fears, and to be more open to people. She has helped me to think more positive about situations and ways to get rid of negative thoughts. I didn't want to go to school, drive or find a job before I talked with her, now I'm going to do all these things.  I still get nervous but I am happier.


Cynthia Coufal has really made a difference for our family. My daughters suffered from anxiety among other things, one daughter refused to attend school and we were homeschooling her.  Cynthia is great at building confidence and provides a safe place for my daughters.

I have seen such positive changes in both of my girls in only such a short time!  I cannot be more pleased at the positive changes I have seen and how much our girls have come into their own thanks to Cynthia’s help. I would highly recommend Cynthia!

Mother of clients

Are you ready to create a life that is better than you have imagined so far?

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