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I’m so glad you are here! I’m Cynthia and I help teenagers take control of their anxious thoughts and feelings so they can wake up each day feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world.

I have spent my whole life working with young people as an educator and school counselor. I worked with thousands of students and parents and we worked together on how to make school and life feel better. I was also navigating it at home with my daughter as well. I understand the professional and personal side of anxiety and its effects on the whole family.

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My Story

I was still full-time in public school when the pandemic started and know how hard it was to get kids back into normalcy and we are still working on that. I made some videos for my students to watch when they were stuck at home about emotional regulation and I found out later that they watched them over the summer to stay regulated. I realized I wanted to reach more young people. I started a podcast for teens and became a teen anxiety coach so I could work with teens no matter where they lived!​

I have helped many families figure out how they should talk to their teens about this and parents hire me to help their teens find out what is a barrier and learn tools to change how they are feeling. I can also help parents discern if this is something they should be seeking therapy for.It helps to get a different perspective. It is hard to make a decision about this on your own. Many times teenagers don’t even know how to talk about how they are feeling or why.

I have had clients who were too anxious to attend school in person. After going through my anxiety program, they were able to go back to school and handle their anxiety without having to go home during the day.One of my clients wanted to get a part-time job, but she was too afraid to apply and didn’t think she could handle the stress of working. We found her a small part-time job that she could move into slowly and build her skills of regulation and self-confidence. That same client also was worried about taking a driver’s test and starting to drive. We came up with a plan to get her test taken. One of my clients loved karate but was feeling sick in his stomach before practice because he was worried about getting hurt. We figured out a way to trick his brain to help him feel safe before going to practice. My clients have been able to get the freedom back from what anxiety was taking away from them.


I would love to be your teen's anxiety coach!

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