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Meet Cynthia

Certified Life Coach

When I was a teenager I was so angry! I hated where I lived.  I hated my parents and other adults because they would never listen to me or take me seriously.  In school, teachers were just out to torture us.  Classmates never understood my unique ways and treated me badly because they saw me as different. I just knew there was something terribly wrong with me and felt hopeless, not knowing any way to fix it.  This probably made me more sad than angry, but it always seemed to come out as anger.  Luckily, I had some amazing friends and I think I made it through my teens because of them.
After high school, I became a teacher and then a school counselor so I could help young people live a better experience than I did. As a counselor,  I knew it was always important to provide space and time for students so they can feel listened to and cared about. I have always been a strong advocate for youth in the school setting, and at home. It is essential that all young people get a chance to see that they are lovable, worthy and that their voice and thoughts matter!
Working with a life coach helped me realize that the things I was learning about myself could be so beneficial for younger people to experience. I want to spread this message to as many young people as possible. It will be such a weight lifted from them to know there is nothing wrong with them. Once they learn they are 100% worthy, no matter what, they can create the lives they want to live and not feel like others are controlling them. This will open unlimited potential. Any young people I work with will be amazed at what they create in this life.  There are no limits to it!  It’s time to bring out the awesomeness that’s inside of every person!

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